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By Christina Stranges 10/23/2021, 12:30am EDT


The Niagara Falls Soccer Club will be holding its 2021 Annual General Meeting on Monday, November 22nd via ZOOM.

Due to capacity restrictions and the inability to safely social distance within the NFSC Clubhouse, we will be hosting the AGM online.  To attend the AGM, 2021 members may enter a request through this link.  The ZOOM link will then be sent out to those who requested to attend through email the day prior to the AGM.

We encourage everyone to attend and are looking forward to seeing our members participate!


NFSC – NIAGARA FC OPDL would like to welcome PATRICK HABA to the 2022 OPDL season as our U13 Girls Head Coach.

Patrick was born in Conakry, Guinea and moved to Canada in 2019.  Since moving to Canada, he has created a home here in Niagara and has been looking to build his soccer repertoire.   Patrick has been with the Niagara Falls Soccer Club since moving to Canada from Italy, and he has been fully immersed ever since he arrived here, in playing, assisting, and Coaching with our NFSC programs.

Patrick’s playing career has been quite extensive and a big part of his life.  Although he played as a child, his soccer career began in 1991 in Africa with FC Nowadhibou (Ligue 1 Mauritania), and spans through various countries over the years such as Germany (TuS Fleestedt (Landesliga), FC St Pauli (Bundesliga)), France (Montrouge FC 92 (CFA)), and Italy (AS Subiaco, AS Motecchio, Acilia Calcio, FAO Tea, Striscia La Notizia). 

Most noted is when he was on loan to US Latina (Serie B – 2002) while he played in Subiaco, Lazio, Italy with AS Vis Subiaco.

His coaching career started in 2006 at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, and continued at Michele Magone (Salesiani Portici) until 2018. Throughout that span, he also coached a U10 team in Paris, France, and various teams in Milan.

To read more about Coach Patrick, visit our Coaches page on our NIAGARA FC Tech Staff and Coaches page.

Assisting Patrick on the bench in the 2022 season will be Lucy Continelli.  Lucy is also a well-established Soccer Coach of the Niagara Region and will be a great asset to the U13 Girls Coaching staff!

In addition to our recently announced U13 Boys Head Coach, Sam Blakeley, we are thrilled to be officially welcoming back the following Head Coaches for next year's season who will continue to grow and develop the players on the 2022 OPDL teams!  

U14 Girls - Joe Lamberti

U14 Boys - Jessica Danku

U17 Girls - Lucio Ianiero

U17 Boys - Carlos Rivas Sr.

Having successfully navigated through NIAGARA FC's first year in the OPDL league, we are confident that we have a solid Coaches lineup moving forward and a great start to what lies ahead for the players of the Niagara Region!



NIAGARA FC Announces 2022 U13 (2009) Boys Head Coach!!

By Hazel Campbell 09/29/2021, 5:45pm EDT

NIAGARA FC is proud to present Sam Blakeley as the 2022 U13 Boys Head Coach!

Sam Blakeley has extensive knowledge of soccer from playing and coaching for many years. He is currently an assistant coach of the NIAGARA FC U15 Girls team. 

We are so excited that Sam Blakeley will be joining us as head coach for the 2022 season!


By Christina Stranges 09/21/2021, 4:15pm EDT

NIAGARA FC OPDL team OPEN Trial dates and times are out for all non-OPDL players who are interested in trialling for the 2022 OPDL teams.  All dates and times can be found on our Upcoming Events calendars and our TRIALS page.  For all current OPDL players, please read below.

UPDATE ***  The 2009 Girls Trial Times have been moved from the  2:00 pm - 3:30 timeslot to 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.  Dates have not changed, just times.

2009 Boys OPDL Open Trials 

  • E.E. Mitchelson Turf
  • 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
  • Sunday, September 19th, 26th, October 3rd, 10th, 17th


2009 Girls OPDL Open Trials

  • E.E. Mitchelson Turf
  • 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Sunday, September 19th, 26th, October 3rd, 10th, 17th


2008, 2006, 2005 Girls and Boys OPDL Trials

  • Open Trials for these age divisions - for all non-OPDL players - are currently being held. 
  • Registration must be completed first online, then contact information will be sent to Coaches who will then contact interested participants for session dates and times.


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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Niagara FC and support youth in your area.